The Commander of the Sixth US Navy visited Varna on May 16

Bulgarian National Television Rear Admiral Christopher Grady , Commander of the Sixth US Navy and NATO Force, discussed co-operation in the field of maritime security with the commander of the Bulgarian Naval Forces Mitko Petev. They both appreciated their joint work as very good, and identified the preservation of security in the Black Sea region as one of its most important tasks, according to the National Bulgarian Television.

During his visit, Vice-Admiral Grady stressed that there was no talk of an increased presence of American ships in the Black Sea , but only of continuing cooperation with the Bulgarian Navy, because maritime security is affecting the security of the entire region.

Vice Admiral Christopher Grady , Commander VI of the US Navy: “It is very important to maintain a good relations and partnerships in the international waters that are open to all. Our cooperation with the Bulgarian naval forces is an example of our commitment to maritime security around the world. ”

During the meeting was discussed also the work on continuing bilateral co-operation.