Ike Goes to Canada


HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (NNS) — USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) (Ike) anchored outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 28, to help support and celebrate Canada’s 150th year. This year marks the first time a U.S. aircraft carrier has visited the city since 1998.

Ike Sailors participated and interacted with the Canadian Navy in a number of ways, including participating in multiple sporting events, hosting a reception aboard the Ike, and a community relations project (COMREL).

Ike Sailors participated in a Habitat for Humanity event and helped build a duplex for two Canadian families, June 29, as part of a COMREL. They installed a number of walls, mixed cement, and dug holes. Many Sailors felt appreciative of the experience and cherished the chance to give back to the local community.

“I’ve learned that it is better to give than to receive and that has resonated with me throughout my life,” said Master-at-Arms 2nd Class David Stone. “I hope that the good I do here can in some way changes this person’s life for the better.”

Sailors participated and interacted with local Canadians in a variety of competitive sporting events such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball at Stadacona Gym, June 30. Even though these games were heated, Sailors still kept things fun and light. During the course of the day, many Sailors discovered many commonalities they shared with their Canadian opponents and came away with a fresh perspective.

“Once people come together and start playing sports and chatting and socializing, all of a sudden the things that make you different from country to country start to fade away,” said Master Seaman Korey Tynes, a Royal Canadian Sailor and formation master seaman and president of the junior enlisted Fleet Club. “We start to find out how similar we really are, despite us all coming from different places.”

The Ike held a reception aboard the ship where Canadian dignitaries, naval service members, and locals were invited aboard, July 3. They were given tours, interacted with American Sailors, and food and drinks were provided. U.S. Consul General for Halifax Steve Giegerich spoke about the long-lasting partnership between American and Canada.

“In my time being in this position I have gained a great appreciation for the high level of cooperation that exists between the Canadian and American militaries,” said Giegerich. “Your visit to our country during Canada 150 displays how far our two countries have come in the past 200 years and our dedication to working with one another. We have served shoulder to shoulder in our embassies, in battle, and at sea. The United States has no greater friend or ally than Canada.”

Ike was participating in multiple events in Halifax in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.