French President Emmanuel Macron: Assad is here to stay

“So, do we have a deal, Mr. Trump? Will you stop listening to the Israeli regime for a while?” …by Jonas E. Alexis

French President Emmanuel Macron has upset the Neocon establishment again by saying that he is going to work with the United States and Russia to eliminate terrorists in Syria, not Assad. This is classic:

“Indeed, we now have a new approach in Syria, because we want results and we want to work closely together with all our partners including the United States. We have one main goal which is to eradicate terrorism, no matter who they are, we want to build an inclusive and sustainable political solution.

“I do not require Assad’s departure, that’s no longer a prerequisite for France. For seven years, we did not have an embassy in Damascus – and still we have no solution.” [1]

That is indeed a devastating blow on the Neocons in America, who constantly want to see blood virtually everywhere in the Middle East. Donald Trump seems to be in agreement with Macron:

“One of the great things that came out if this meeting, by the way, was the fact that we got the ceasefire that now has lasted for almost five days. Five days doesn’t sound like a long period of time. In terms of a ceasefire in Syria it’s a very long period of time.

“That was a result of having communication with a country. During that five day period a lot of lives have been saved, a lot of people were not killed, no shots have been fired in a very, very dangerous part of the world and this is one of the most dangerous parts of Syria itself.” [2]

Let’s just hope that Trump will stop listening to the diabolical noise of the Israeli regime for a few months. Trump obviously agrees with what we have been saying for years:

“By having some communication and dialogue we were able to have a ceasefire and it’s going to go on for a while. And frankly we’re working on the second ceasefire in a very rough part of Syria.” [3]

Frank dialogue is a terrifying thing for the Israeli regime because frank dialogue is inconsistent with perpetual wars and perpetual bloodshed. Macron is essentially challenging the actors in Syria to just sit down and flesh out their disagreements. Israeli officials obviously do not like that. They want Assad gone. Macron said:

“We have a lot of disagreements, we have a lot discrepancies obviously with Russia. But in the current environment, especially in the Middle East, it’s a necessity to work together to exchange information, to share disagreements, and to try to build solutions.” [4]

Jewish Neocons like Max Boot and magazines like the Weekly Standard were elated when it was announced that Macron became president. They thought that Macron was on their side. [5] Alas! Macron obviously takes a different position on Syria. It was also a sad day for Boot because he was totally […]