New Navy uniforms come to Kitsap bases

Buy Photo After less than a decade of use, the Navy’s blue camouflage uniforms are on their way out in the Pacific Northwest.

The Navy Exchange Service Command completed an early rollout of the Navy’s new working uniforms last week, bringing the green-and-tan woodland digital camouflage replacements to the shelves of local exchange stores more than a year ahead of schedule.

That means during the course of the next year, more sailors will begin wearing the green camo.

Petty Officer Second Class Jason Kraften, who serves aboard the USS Ohio, visited Bangor’s uniform shop on Thursday afternoon to pick out his new uniform the first week they were available on base.

“I’m excited for it,” Kraften said. “I like the green, although I did like the blue because it was unique to the Navy, but change is always good.”

He’s looking forward to the new boots that go along with the uniform change.

“These boots are incredibly more comfortable than the old ones,” Kraften said. “I’m thankful for that, and they’re a lighter weight. So, we’ll see how they hold up in the rain.”

The only downside for Kraften: waiting for all of the patches to be sewn on. His newly purchased uniforms won’t be ready for pickup until Feb. 2.

Bangor uniform shop seamstress Maria Rosal said the shop’s team of seamstresses can turn out more than 100 uniforms complete with all needed insignia each day. Taylor Maria Rosal works on a sailor’s new green camouflage uniform NEX store on Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor. The Navy is changing from the blue camouflage to the green. (Photo: Larry Steagall / Kitsap Sun) The uniform is intended for wear ashore and in port. Underway, sailors will continue to wear navy blue coveralls.

The new working uniforms were originally scheduled to roll out in the continental U.S. on a 24-month cycle, starting with new sailors from Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes and newly commissioned officers from Officer Candidate School who would leave with the green camouflage in their sea bags as of October 2017.

Navy Region Northwest was supposed to be the last region to get the new working uniforms in stores in March 2019.

The uniforms are now available in all NEX stores in all regions and will be available online by the end of the month.

Navy Exchange Service Command spokeswoman Courtney Williams said the command wanted to bring the uniforms to as many sailors as it could ahead of schedule after the positive response from the first rounds dissemination.”We heard from a lot of sailors how excited they were to have this uniform, and we listened to our sailors,” Williams said.The green Type III uniforms will officially replace the blue Type I as the Navy’s primary daily working uniform on Oct. 1, 2019. Until then, sailors can wear either the blue or green uniforms at the discretion of their unit commander or commanding officer.Although the green camouflage will be new to most sailors, Navy Expeditionary sailors have been wearing the Type III uniform for the past six years.As of right now, […]