US Navy Received Technology From an Alien Race to Fight Against Nazis and Other Aliens, Says Book

Washington: According to claims made by a former US Navy aircraft designer, the force cooperated with an alien race to develop technology that can be used to defend the planet against invasions from reptilian alien attacks.

Williams Tompkins, a US-based writer, made the claims in his book – Selected by Extraterrestrials . He says he worked for the US Navy in the 1950s and 1960s and was based at the San Diego Naval Air Stations with access to highly classified information.

During World War II, Tompkins was in contact with Nazi Germany moles, who worked in top-secret aerospace facilities. The Nazis, according to US spies in Germany, had their hands on blueprints to create anti-gravity aircrafts, beam weapons and more such otherworldly weapons from the reptilian aliens, claims the writer.

The US, on the other hand, was helped by “The Nordics”, another alien race, who provided them with the technological know-how to beat their enemies.

Tompkins’ book also features sketches of spacecrafts designed by him, including a 2.5km Naval Spacecraft Carrier and a 1.4km Naval Spacecraft Battle Cruiser. Notably, the US Navy did make these aircraft carriers but only began building it in the ’70s.

The project was apparently called Solar Warden and short wars with the reptilian aliens are still ongoing.