U.S Marine Corps Harrier Jets have yet to take off from Yakima Air Terminal

harrier jets.JPG YAKIMA, Wash. — If you haven’t seen the pair of U.S Marine Corps Harrier Jets at the Yakima Air Terminal by now, you may still have a chance to check them out.

The two Harrier Jets had an emergency landing at the Yakima Airport last week.

Both jets had taken off from Whidbey Island Naval Air station.

Airport Director Robert Peterson says the jets made a stop here in Yakima because there was some kind of electrical malfunction in one of the aircraft.

Peterson says one of the jets is still getting work done, so they will be in Yakima for a couple more days.

“They had mechanics come up from Arizona with parts to repair one of the jets. They’re currently in the process of working that situation, and they plan to stay here until probably Saturday if not Sunday, they’re goal is to depart no later than Sunday,” said Peterson.

Peterson says people have been stopping by to admire the jets and take pictures with them.

People can keep stopping by until the jets are ready to take off.

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