Colorado Springs bridge dedication for U.S. Navy Veteran

U.S. Navy veteran, Donald Stratton, is one of just five remaining survivors, from the attack on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor.

"I’m very grateful, but I’m grateful more for the 1,117 men we lost that day on the Arizona," said Donald Stratton, U.S. Navy.

Even after the Pearl Harbor attack, Stratton continued to serve.

"In 1943 he once again, volunteered to serve his country… he truly put service above self," said Larry Liston, Colorado House Representative.

Stratton accepted the bridge dedication in his honor; with his wife, Velma and son, Randy by his side.

"That’s the only son we have left; we lost an older son, he was a Vietnam Veteran… and we also lost two young daughters," said Stratton, U.S. Navy.

Stratton was just 19-year’s-old at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, crediting another Sailor, for saving his life.

While the man is no longer alive, the daughter of U.S. Navy Sailor, Joe George, accepted a memorial flag plaque on his behalf.

"Joe George never knew who he saved; none of the six guys, he didn’t know their names, he didn’t know if they survived or anything, so now we wanted to make sure he was honored with the Bronze Star Medal with Valor," said Randy Stratton, son of U.S. Navy veteran, Donald Stratton.

Donald Stratton, along with the daughter of the U.S. Navy Sailor, worked for more than 15 years to get him the honor he deserved.

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