US Navy band “The Destroyers” playing at San Diego County Fair

US Navy band, The Destroyers, rocked out at KUSI Sunday morning in preparation for their Fourth of July show at the San Diego County Fair.

Band Members :

Senior Chief Musician Steve Pendel (Keyboard)

Musician First Class Mark Lame (Bass)

Musician Second Class Rachel Vennel (Vocals)

Musician Second Class Cliff Murray (Guitar)

Musician Third Class Josh Smith (Drums)

The Destroyers is Navy Band Southwest ‘s premier Popular Music Group. The repertoire for this high energy group encompasses many different musical styles in order to accomplish several distinctly different missions.

Performance venues for this dynamic ensemble range from all out rock concerts in high school auditoriums to the smooth pop or jazz combo selections at formal military receptions. The members of the group keep a vigilant eye on the current music trends while refining and polishing the classics that everyone has grown to love.

The band’s six-member makeup gives it a cost-effective mobility that keeps the group rocking throughout the Southwestern United States; supporting Navy recruiting, retention and community relations initiatives., The Destroyers are a group dedicated to bringing the very best music of yesterday and today to the stage.

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