‘Born to serve’: Gulf War veteran thankful for education he received in U.S. Navy

MARTINSBURG–For two-tour Gulf War veteran Travis Bishop, the military was the best education he ever had and he recommends any branch to others, especially those who may need some structure.

Bishop, who said he believes he was born to serve in the military, served in the United States Navy for six years–from 1989 to 1995– during the Gulf War. He was abord two destroyers: USS Preble (DDG-46) and USS Briscoe (DD-977). He was also on a small boat unit–assault craft unit 2.

During the Gulf War, the USS Briscoe crew was the “police of the Suez Canal,” Bishop said.

Briscoe established a U.S. record of 275 merchant vessel boardings in the North Red Sea in six months.

“We were catching all of the contraband coming out of the Suez to go to the Gulf to use against our people,” Bishop said.

Briscoe was deployed to the Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean, Baltic and Black Seas, according to the website navy.mil.

Bishop said he was also a part of drug operations in Puerto Rico, where they were catching drugs coming into Miami. He recalled a heist of $11 million.

As a guy who likes to travel, Bishop said, the Navy allowed him to see the world. He added that he got to see some amazing countries that reminded him how blessed Americans are such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

“I wanted to join the Navy and travel the ocean,” Bishop said. “I got to see some amazing countries. I got to see a lot of different cultures, and it really makes you appreciate what we have here in America. Most people have no idea how good we have it. The things I have seen in Egypt and Saudi Arabia–we don’t have a clue what poverty is.”

Bishop said he recommends all branches of the military, but advises those interested to “do their homework.”

“Qualify yourself first and then chose and search out your chosen field of profession within the military because they have some of the best programs to broaden you, educate you and propel you forward in life to get you on the right track successfully,” he said.

He added that when he was in the military, they didn’t have programs like they do today.

“The door is wide open for them to have a successful life from the military,” Bishop said. “I highly recommend people to try the military, especially young people. In today’s fast-paced world, a lot of kids don’t have direction. The military is great for teamwork, can-do attitude and overcoming your own inabilities. The military makes you do that. You are part of a team and they instill that teamwork method to you where you have to carry your own weight. You cannot be the weak link in the chain.“I had a tough time in education. The military was my best education to start my life.”Leaving the military to spend more time with his family, Bishop has started different jobs including opening Tannerman’s in Martinsburg. With the online market causing his shop to take a […]

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