Who loses and wins most from Caspian Sea division

ScreenHunter 1276 Iranian President Hasan Rouhani gave his Caspian competitors fifty percent of what Teheran used to have during its partnership with the USSR. Many in Iran found this move strange. Why did the Iranian president give up and ensured Azerbaijan with control over disputed deposits in the Caspian Sea? Russia lost its right to veto the construction of pipelines along the bottom of the Caspian Sea. Does Turkmenistan benefit from all this? What did Kazakhstan lose in the deal?

On August 12, the leaders of Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan signed the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea . They agreed that the water area would be divided according to the median principle, which Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia had previously used to delimit the border between themselves. Territorial waters and the state border will be designated by the 15-mile zone, plus ten miles – this is a fishing zone with exclusive rights. The rest will be referred to as the neutral/common water area.

The main requirement for any type of construction works is compliance with environmental standards. It is prohibited to deploy military facilities of the countries that do not appear as signatories to the treaty. The parties agreed to divide the water area by concluding bilateral agreements. The countries can lay pipelines along the bottom of the Caspian Sea, and this shall require coordination only with the party, through the territory of which the pipeline will pass. Neighboring states shall only be notified of the route.

The main advantage for everyone is a long-term benefit that arises from the connection to global transit projects “North-South” and “One Belt – One Road.” The treaty marked the conclusion of a genuine Asian integration agreement, taking into account the fact that it involves China and India, as well as Central Asian countries adjacent to the region.

However, it is curious to find out what each party gains and loses from the treaty.


Russia will be able to preserve its fleet in the Caspian Sea , although the Caspian region was proclaimed a zone of peace. It is worth recalling here that Russia launched its Caliber missiles on terrorists in Syria from the Caspian Sea. Russia has also received a guarantee that excludes the presence of the fleet of non-Caspian nations in the region. Russia’s youngest fleet started in the North 7 Photo

A protocol was signed on the procedure for assessing the impact of investment projects on the environment. It means that Russia has an opportunity to delay the construction of trans-Caspian pipelines if they do not meet her interests. This is what certain European countries do today regarding Nord Stream-2.

Russia will have an opportunity to add its natural gas to the gas that goes from Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan to Europe and thus avoid insinuations about Europe’s dependence on Russian natural resources.

Russia will be able to develop the ports of the Caspian Sea, creating more jobs in the region. Russia is to build a deep-water port in the town […]

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